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delicious life

Yesterday I was looking at my vision board that I created 4+ years ago and was amazed at how much had come through to be true. And today I was reading Shamless Moxies – Spring Cleaning Your Soul’s (not clothes) Closet … Continue reading

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This week

eating: apples, like a mad woman drinking: lots of pepermint tea watching: Million Dollar Listing I ❤ Josh Flagg! listening to: the radio reading: blogs exercising: Yes, yoga once a week and a lot of walking doing: it a lot Words to live by today: remember … Continue reading

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Almost famous!

This past weekend I was hosting an open house, during that time the buyers who are purchasing lot 5 stopped in to see what work had been done on their place over the past couple weeks. While showing them inside … Continue reading

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This week

eating: granola, greek yogurt, small handful of almonds, with a teaspoon of apple butter drinking: water watching: TV – nothing now that the NFR is over Movie – Love and Other Drugs. I gave it an “A” only cause I got to … Continue reading

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Ava Gardner or Jackie O

So I’ve been scared to death since I agreed to a 15 minute radio interview. Tomorrow’s the big day. After recalling a discussion at my first vox lesson about live performances, I thought I might just take some time to … Continue reading

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Washington rodeo is alive!

I love looking at the rodeo stats and seeing our state represent! (Even though we are so far from where country and cowboy originated) Shout outs to the boys who made PRCA’s list and where they stand: Bareback Riding 1. … Continue reading

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Yes, this work environment is disgusting. I am embarrassed by my mess. It just that I’ve been extraordinarily busy, not the kind of “busy” when you’re looking for something else to do because really you’re procrastinating. But BUSY… with income … Continue reading

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Garden Thief

I got the following email yesterday afternoon, it read as follows: Dear Daughter, I stopped by and picked a few things for dinner. Thanks! Sincerely ~ Garden Thief aka your Mother

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Which view do you prefer?

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Hay Day!

Dear Dad, It makes sense that we both work on the hay together, moving 5 tons really takes two people. But was today really the only day that would work…? Signed, ~ Heatstroked Daughter

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