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The story of my life…

Just getting caught up on a few blogs I enjoy reading, when I came across I’m Fiercely Protective. Of Myself. It was like reading the story of my own life. I to am scared of “losing myself in other people” why? … Continue reading

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delicious life

Yesterday I was looking at my vision board that I created 4+ years ago and was amazed at how much had come through to be true. And today I was reading Shamless Moxies – Spring Cleaning Your Soul’s (not clothes) Closet … Continue reading

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This week

eating: too many carbs and my tummy is not happy about it drinking: jasmine tea this week watching: nothing really listening to: Janis reading: looking for something new, any suggestions? exercising: Yes yoga but need to add weights again doing: lots of inspirational thinking and … Continue reading

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This week

eating: apples, like a mad woman drinking: lots of pepermint tea watching: Million Dollar Listing I ❤ Josh Flagg! listening to: the radio reading: blogs exercising: Yes, yoga once a week and a lot of walking doing: it a lot Words to live by today: remember … Continue reading

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So from time to time I chat with an old friend (we met in 6th grade). Here’s how today went: …. HIM: Dating anyone these days? ME: ha ha HIM: well you are a pretty girl, never figured out why … Continue reading

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In the kitchen I have a purpose {Everything Chocolate}

Its been a few years since I made my Christmas truffles. This year, thanks to Jamie Oliver, I’ve made them with a new twist! Here’s the play by play, enjoy! 72% Chocolate Unsweet chips Chocolate Bash aka Bashed Chocolate Warmed … Continue reading

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So I’ve been feeling a bit lost lately. I know its from the transitions in life that I’m going through. I’ve been trying to embrace this but still having moments where it’s difficult {Really just trying not to fall into … Continue reading

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