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2011 Blessed, why yes!

So far this year (and the end of last) I’ve been able to let go. Let go of 10 years past and yesterday’s present. I’ve spent a crazy amounts of {quality} time with friends, listening to music, watching football games, … Continue reading

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Almost famous!

This past weekend I was hosting an open house, during that time the buyers who are purchasing lot 5 stopped in to see what work had been done on their place over the past couple weeks. While showing them inside … Continue reading

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Charlie Brown Tree

Let me start by saying… It IS okay to have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree if: You’re single  or a young couple just starting out Living in an apartment You are Charlie Brown It IS NOT okay to have a Charlie Brown Christmas … Continue reading

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Ava Gardner or Jackie O

So I’ve been scared to death since I agreed to a 15 minute radio interview. Tomorrow’s the big day. After recalling a discussion at my first vox lesson about live performances, I thought I might just take some time to … Continue reading

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What scares me?

I am cowgirl (but also a entrepreneur) I work well when backed in a corner (with tact and style) I can break a colt I don’t need a man (but I might want one) I can do everything that you can … Continue reading

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Domestic Disposition

So with all the hustle and bustle of being self employed, running a business, volunteering within my community, board meetings, holiday party planning, friends, cousin’s engagement party and planning, family, etc… Sometimes I just need a break; so last night … Continue reading

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Fall in the Snoqualmie Valley – Duvall, WA

This is just one of the reason I love the Snoqualmie Valley and live  in Duvall WA.

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