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This week

eating: granola, greek yogurt, small handful of almonds, with a teaspoon of apple butter drinking: water watching: TV – nothing now that the NFR is over Movie – Love and Other Drugs. I gave it an “A” only cause I got to … Continue reading

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What scares me?

I am cowgirl (but also a entrepreneur) I work well when backed in a corner (with tact and style) I can break a colt I don’t need a man (but I might want one) I can do everything that you can … Continue reading

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One last ride

With winter approaching and a sunny day on the forecast, my aunt and I thought we’d get one last ride in before we start heading to the indoor arena. We decided to head down to the Fall City area, one … Continue reading

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Fabulous Workshops for Horse & Livestock Owners

This weekend while grabbing fed from Del’s, I did my usual glance at the community board. You know the board; it’s the “let’s just look at the board to find something that I have to have, but don’t really need”. … Continue reading

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Garden Thief

I got the following email yesterday afternoon, it read as follows: Dear Daughter, I stopped by and picked a few things for dinner. Thanks! Sincerely ~ Garden Thief aka your Mother

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Duvall Farmers Market – Competitions

We’ve been having lots of fun at the Duvall Farmers Market this year! Including chalk art from Joe Lee Davidson. From decorating donuts to watermelon eating contests and now that we got a few of the kid activities down, the … Continue reading

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McCormack Park

The heart of Duvall lies within the boundaries of McCormack Park. McCormack Park is an open area that lies between the Snoqualmie Valley Trail (link back to trail) and the Snoqualmie Valley River. Almost everyday of the year you can … Continue reading

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Legacy of the Rodeo Man

What words can move a tough girl like me…? The first time I heard this  read, it brought a shiver to my spine and a tear to the eye… Legacy of the Rodeo Man by Baxter Black There’s a hundred … Continue reading

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My dog knows the days of the week, does yours?

This I how I start most weekend morning… with Dakota guarding the car. How does she know it’s the weekend? We go for walks during weekdays, just down the road and back. But come the weekend we are ready for … Continue reading

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Pie Pie Me Oh My!

Sorry if you viewing and you haven’t had lunch yet. I made this yesterday. Before I started babysitting my nephew. Once he came over and all day long I kept hearing “I need to eat some’ting” and “I need some pie”.

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