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I’ve been a little “woe is me” “what do I want with my life”, basically in a funk. Rather than sit and spin my mind out of control. I think I just need to look at the bright side {that … Continue reading

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The story of my life…

Just getting caught up on a few blogs I enjoy reading, when I came across I’m Fiercely Protective. Of Myself. It was like reading the story of my own life. I to am scared of “losing myself in other people” why? … Continue reading

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delicious life

Yesterday I was looking at my vision board that I created 4+ years ago and was amazed at how much had come through to be true. And today I was reading Shamless Moxies – Spring Cleaning Your Soul’s (not clothes) Closet … Continue reading

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Most amazing few weeks!

My first performance {although short} it was fabulous! Bright lights and chrome mics just might get the best of me.            My Bestie got married. She called me Thursday and asked if I could make her wedding…in three days. We shifted … Continue reading

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2011 Blessed, why yes!

So far this year (and the end of last) I’ve been able to let go. Let go of 10 years past and yesterday’s present. I’ve spent a crazy amounts of {quality} time with friends, listening to music, watching football games, … Continue reading

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Surrounded by success!

So I’ve always been one that believes to succeed, you must surround yourself by success. Unfortunately, this has not been the case lately. During the last few weeks, my time has been occupied supporting successful people; to the point that … Continue reading

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Well, I’ve been feeling down and out and yesterday I figured out why. With the holiday season among us, I haven’t been working on my list. Yesterday was my first lesson since Thanksgiving. Holy smokes I brought it! I felt … Continue reading

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