Most amazing day

Why I love October!

Holy smokes! Today was amazing!

It started with a little bit of work but my clients are fabulous so besides getting up early on the weekend it really didn’t feel like work.

Then the bf met me and we pick up his kids to share the day. Our autumn adventures…

  • Grabbing a doughnuts {bacon maple=amazing and a salted Carmel old fashion}
  • Hay ride
  • Then to the corn maze. Pictures galor
  • Corn cannon {Yes, shooting corn out of a cannon}
  • Then took a ferry for a fabulous bite…or well, too many bites
  • Watch the sunset onboard a Ferry
  • Yummy Itialian
  • Finished it off with ice cream {Too much of a goodthing=tummy aches shared by all}
  • Crashed hard for the night.

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The Sea of Red

Want to know what 50lbs of tomatoes looks like….?

Now, do you want to know what I did with them?

Canning {although it should be called jarring} is not for sissy’s. Its take a lot of time! Washing, peeling, cooking, prepping jars, filling jars, wipping jars, sealing jars and boiling jars but well worth it. Here’s a great link to Summer in a Jar, where Master Canner Teri Irish explains why you should can your own tomotoes.

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Today was the day. Today IS the day. Today is the last day that I’m giving any more energy to the accidents that have been sucking my life for the last four years. Today was arbitration day.

Although I won’t have a response from the arbitrator until next week. Today is the last day that I’ll have to spend watching my words, verifying details, reading and rereading interrogatories, depositions, transcriptions etc. from an event that happened four years ago.

No more energy spent taking calls from my attorney requesting additional information.
No more energy spent enduring the belittlement of my then and current injuries.
No more energy spent undoing the speculatory remarks made from claims adjustors, opposing counsel, and the “expert” witness regard my business, reputation and general being as a person.

Regardless of next week’s outcome I’ve survived. I’ve overcome.
This is now behind me.

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A New Decade, a New Vision!

This past weekend I got together with a couple girls for dinner, wine and to create a new vision board.

A beautiful {self} journey

Fear Nothing

I dare me…

On course, LIVE BIG

Don’t put off happiness

Less is more

Feel fabulous

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Happiness vs. Happen enough

Over a year ago I was once complaining about a particular area in my life when a co-work said “…but you’re happy enough”. I don’t think that co-worker realized what they just did.

I thought to myself “what is happy enough?” Well, I guess it’s happy enough not to make a change to be happy. Or maybe… its not happy at all but just not miserable enough.

Happy enough = not miserable enough to do anything

Wow! Powerful stuff when you put in perspective. The fact was that I wasn’t happy, I was miserable. I was still trying to please everyone but me. Still trying to do the things that I was suppose to do. But maybe I’m not damaged goods, maybe happiness isn’t always how society labels it.

Today my goal in life is HAPPINESS, not just happy enough.

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Mouth explosion

Today’s lunchness! Think of the following:

  • two slices of dill rye bread
  • 1 half dungeness crab (caught yesterday just off Camano Island)
  • Sharp cheddar AND smoothness of Havarti
  • Grilled extra crispy {dark brown, not black}

Devour. Yumminess!

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Special Delivery

So guess who showed up at my work with these…? I’m a lucky lady 🙂

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