gratitude, blessedI’ve been a little “woe is me” “what do I want with my life”, basically in a funk. Rather than sit and spin my mind out of control. I think I just need to look at the bright side {that is until I’m ready to really work everything else out}. I want to recognize all that is going well in my life.

My Health is good. I consider myself overall a healthy person but there was a rough patch a while back. After two back to back car accidents which left my in excruciating numbing pain {Yes, you can be in excruciating and numbing pain at the same time} for months. Still to this day I have to be conscious of my lower back but thank goodness this is no longer an everyday occurrence. Also during the same time frame, I had to have my gal-bladder removed. Surprisingly that surgery was easy-breezy.

Bless with friends. I’m a firm believer in quality of friendships not necessarily quantity. That being said, I have a high quantity right now.

Awesome clients. My work is great! One reason is that I have awesome clients who understand and appreciate the value I bring to them. And the best thing is that these awesome clients refer me to other awesome client.

More to come but this is a good start…


About Country Cosmo

Country Cosmo doesn’t that say it all! I grew up in a small town, retired from Rodeo and now am an entrepreneur who can’t let go of her country roots!
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One Response to Gratitude

  1. We all get in a funk. Mine was in January when it was cold and dark with no sun. Just wait a week or two and you will be back to normal!

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