This week

eating: Too much junk = unhappy stomach
drinking: lite but needs to make a switch back to water and tea
watching: A whole lotta naughta
listening to: Strangers. Sometimes you can get sound advise from acquaintances
reading: Does picture reading count? I’ve been skimming magazines lately
exercising: Yoga yes, but still haven’t implemented weights and still need to but might try out the pi/yo classes.
doing: Learning that I can see things clearer {in my brain} when I take a few steps back from the situation.

Words to live by today: I am on the right path although I may not always know where it leads.

Lessons learned: Even a lite drinking over the weekend is too much for Monday morning yoga. Being dehydrated, upside down and forgetting to breath during yoga is not a good thing 🙂


About Country Cosmo

Country Cosmo doesn’t that say it all! I grew up in a small town, retired from Rodeo and now am an entrepreneur who can’t let go of her country roots!
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