Vocal lesson #2

trebe clef, vocal lessons, join a band, marcelina mcginnisStill trying to cross off “join a band”, this week I continued onto vocal lesson #2.

I was so relieve this went so much better than vocal lesson #1. I was much more relaxed and ready to learn. There was less of me trying to rack my brain from the material I learned over a decade ago.

We started with the same vocal exercises as last week. But this time I managed to expand my range to two full octaves. Last week he could only get one out of me, but I think that was mostly because I was a bit nervous; and well, just completely unprepared on what to expect of my instructor, let alone, myself.

We kept this lesson a bit shorter. Last time we were just having too much fun, when we finally looked at the time we were at the two hour mark and boy of boy, my vocal cords paid for it because I haven’t sang in well over a decade, other than in the car.

This lesson went well enough that he asked if I would be willing to sing at his next “jam night”. I’m not sure if this was cause he was desperate for a vocalists or cause I was so great. In my mind, I’m going with “I’m so great”! And since I absolutely don’t mind making an ass of myself, I agreed. Why not learn as I go? There’s just as much to learn on stage {and live and with musicians} as there is off. This week’s homework is song choice for the jam night.


I’ve been amazed that when I started thinking about taking lessons, the creative songwriter in me came alive again. Its thrilling!


About Country Cosmo

Country Cosmo doesn’t that say it all! I grew up in a small town, retired from Rodeo and now am an entrepreneur who can’t let go of her country roots!
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