Vocal lesson #1

So I’ve been working on my bucket list and finally started taking steps to cross “join a band” off the list.

Yesterday was my first vocal lesson. I was so excited to just get started I hadn’t exactly thought the process thru. I showed up on time and the instructor was ready for me sitting behind the keys. We kicked if off by having a chat about how this was a “safe place” and while practicing vocal exercises we be making weird sounds to strengthen our abdomen (air flow) and all the muscles in the face, tongue and throat. I was agreeable and completely understood…until he asked me to sing.

“and sing”
“and go”
“how about now”
“okay, I’ll go first and you copy”

For once in my life I was speechless. Standing in front of me was one of Seattle’s Great’s and he was asking me to sing (clearly, as once said by Wayne via Wayne’s World “I’m not worthy”). After what felt like an hour I finally got out the smallest little note.

After that huge speed bump, I managed to recover. My one hour lesson turned into two. We both were having a blast and time was flying by. I’m very excited for next week and let’s hope I‘m never speechless again.


About Country Cosmo

Country Cosmo doesn’t that say it all! I grew up in a small town, retired from Rodeo and now am an entrepreneur who can’t let go of her country roots!
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4 Responses to Vocal lesson #1

  1. OMG. I love it. I cannot wait for your first concert! I’ll be throwing my bra on stage (from backstage)!!!

  2. marin says:

    who are you taking lessons with?! I wanna play!!

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