Life without Music would be Intolerable

What can I say; I grew up in a bar. To make extra money my mother would work the door at the Longhorn Saloon collecting the cover charge. Being a single mom she’d often bring us to work. By age 5 I had a microphone in hand helping the house band sing their first set. Beneath those bright lights in that Honky Tonk may have been where I fell in love with music… Or perhaps it was my first love; a musician but that’s a story in itself.

It seems like all my life I’ve been surrounded by music. I was thrilled to turn 21, not because I was it legal to drink but because I could now go into all the great venues where amateur bands became seasoned greats. From The Central Saloon, J&M Café to Doc Maynards in Pioneer Square; my Bestie and I would listen to live music four nights a week for five years. We became regulars at all these venues; no longer having to wait in line, pay a cover and the bartenders always had our drinks (my lemon tea and her bud light) on the bar waiting. This was my heaven.

But over the last three years I seemed to have lost the music. Perhaps it was quitting my corporate job to becoming an entrepreneur and opening a new business, then having the economy tank shortly after liftoff. Or perhaps I was just getting a little older than everyone else frequenting the bar. I know I was defiantly done with the drunks falling down, the vomit smells in the restrooms and the groupies, with no appreciation for the music who don’t know the difference between a Fender Strat and Tele.

In 2008 a friend had an extra ticket to the Gary Allen concert at the fair. This was a bit break through for me, bringing me back to where music was in my heart. Watching the band add layer upon layer to each song from the steel guitar to the fiddle and taking each melody and harmony to their max; then having Gary work the crowd, the way he does best; gave me back a feeling, a spark, I didn’t even know was gone until then.

Since this break through I’ve slightly dabbled with my guitar here and there keeping the music at a superficial level. But most recently with the opening of my uncle’s private studio, I’ve met greats from Alan White (Yes, The Who, John Lennon) to Roger Fisher (Heart-Seattle’s original). Since befriended Rog, he’s introduced me to some new local venues from Haley’s in Everett to Finaughty’s in Snoqualmie Ridge. But my new favorite is Oddfellow’s in Redmond (can you believe it live music outside Seattle). This whole in the wall setting is anything but that… after all this is Redmond. The acoustics of the cathedral ceiling, the gourmet food and clean bathrooms; have been a perfect place for this Country Girl to have her Cosmo moments.


About Country Cosmo

Country Cosmo doesn’t that say it all! I grew up in a small town, retired from Rodeo and now am an entrepreneur who can’t let go of her country roots!
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